In Shop Services

Our Valuation Service

We are happy to provide full valuations, and advise on any loses that you may have recently Ring (212)suffered. Our service is fully confidential and can cover insurance, probate, family division, facsimile reproduction. We can undertake on your behalf a sale between private parties to ensure that fair trading occurs.

Owners of jewellery and silver will need to provide insurance companies a valuation in order to substantiate the value of their assets. You should ensure that you are covered for the current market value of your goods and get your jewellery revalued ever three years.

Gem and Metal Testing

Should you require confirmation regarding a piece of jewellery, we are happmainpagey to provide a report with photographs for a modest fee. The full description will include details about the piece of jewellery and a current market valuation.

Appointments are necessary when planning a valuation or a report, as we will need to provide you with a full description of the jewellery you are asking us to be responsible for. All goods left on our premises are fully insured.


Clean and Repair Service

The facilities within our workshops allow us to undertake just about every conceivable type of clean and repair.

Our prices are dependant on the complexity of your item, but as always we are extremely competitve and our work will ALWAYS be of the highest standard.